Appium + webdriver or + appium

Hi, i am new to appium and i am bit confused about following:

As i understand it, it is possible to:

  1. Set up appium project and use it with webdriver (i already have done this - working fine)
    In this case you have to use the driver
    let elementOne = await driver.elementByAccessibilityId(“SomeAccessibilityID”);

  2. Have project with appium plugin and then you can use syntax

I want to test Android and iOS native apps with some webviews (but mostly native) using javascript and appium 2.0

What are, other than project setup, differences between #1 and #2 ?

Currently in a similar position. We’ve just started out with wdio to run our tests on all 3 platforms. doesn’t seem to need a plugin, and for myself it uses the syntax for all actions etc out the box. So most of the commands for the webtests are exactly the same when it comes to the appium tests.