Appium windows desktop application. when i am send the special or capital character then it’s take wrong input data

Using the send keys to enter the ‘@’ in the email id field is not working, instead of ‘@’ the ‘G’ is getting entered. sample Email: [email protected] Output in the email using selenium:

WebElement email = wait.until(ExpectedConditions.presenceOfElementLocated(By.xpath("/Window/Window[1]/Group[9]/Edit")));

email.sendKeys("[email protected]");```

You may try GitHub - appium/appium-windows-driver: Appium's interface to WindowsAppDriver provided by Microsoft as a possible workaround

In this issue. If you enter all data into the form then the email field data is added right and works fine.
but when you try to add any Capital character in any input then this issue is faced.
This Image is my Desktop application register page