Appium with Xcode 8

Since Xcode 8 no longer supports UI Automation is there a timeframe when Appium will release a beta with XCUITest? I know we can set this up using but it would be nice if there was a beta of Appium where we can pass in the XCUITest driver as a capability.

From Apple Xcode 8 beta release notes:
The Automation instrument has been removed from Instruments. Xcode’s UI Testing infrastructure should
be used in its place. (26761665)


I also want to know the plan, and when appium-xcuitest-driver can support for real device.

Can I automate on simulator using xcode8 with appium.What I mean Can I run my scripts that is previously developed on xcode7 on xcode8 on simulators.

As far as I understand , the changes apple did were done on the backend side therefore the appium’s changes would be on the server side , and the client (your test) should remain with minimum changes

I understand that thing and my doubt is can I run my scripts which i developed in xcode7 on xcode8 simulators with out making any client changes?

What if we continue using Xcode 7.3.1 for automation? Does that impact automation of feature developed with Xcode 8 or beta versions of it?

Also curious as to what plan we have to handle the changes from Xcode 8 that impact Appium.

@Rishi_Khanna1 as XCode 8 should be used with Swift 3 developers supposedly will move to Swift 3 that is not compatible with Xcode 7. So pure sadness( the only way is to wait for official appium fix (tried current non-stable version - doesn’t work for me)

@gi-rafffa whether the app is coded in Swift or Objective-C does not impact the automation. I have been working on automation of such apps using Xcode 7.3.1 path in appium and it has been working so far. But I am not sure if the automation libraries provided with Xcode also getting updated with it. If yes, then automation libraries provided by older version of Xcode(i.e 7.3.1) would not work for some of the featured developed in Xcode 8 or subsequent new versions.