Appium won't open apps on phone

When I launch script it won’t open the app, but it doesn’t show any errors too
my phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

It could be a lot of things. If you are reaching the server there should be some output from the server. If there is no output, you are not reaching it. If there is output from the server, please provide it here. If there is not output from the server, there should be some output from the clients test run. Please provide that and someone may be able to help.

I could be wrong but from the screenshot it looks like you are using Visual Studio with the C# appium client. If so I assume you are using MSTest. If that’s the case you need to add the [TestMethod] attribute to the method. You’ll also need the [TestClass] attribute on the class if it’s missing. Without those MSTest won’t find any tests to run.

Hello! thanks for the response! can you please help me where i can see the output from the server? (I’m sorry, I’m noob)

IMHO many phones from Chinese manufacturers are not compatible with automation environments in general, because of unexpected modifications in their firmware causing such incompatibilities.

Might try a different phone to see if the Xiaomi is the problem.

If you need to start from scratch can I suggest following the steps in this video series. I was a noob a few months ago and this helped me get set up.

Hey! I solved my problem. Through the appium inspector, I found out that the program did not work due to CORS not working. After I wrote --allow-cors everything worked! Thank you all for your help!