Appium1.5.2 with xcode 7.1,ios9.1 simulator is very slow

Hi all,
I followed the guide to enable iwd, but still feel the case execution is very slow, so i just doubt if i do it correctly

Here’s my steps:

And the logs from appium.log, is that means iwd worked?.. i’m quite not sure about it…

could any one help me ?..

This is a known issue. Apple signed the instruments binary which prevents Appium from modifying instruments to execute without delay. If you try to modify instruments when it is code signed, then instruments won’t be trusted by OS X. So what Apple did was slow instruments down at about the same time that UI Test was released. You could try the new UI Test repo from Appium; it’s in beta release right now and is much faster.

Thanks for your reply :grin:
So , is that means , even if I tried to enable iwd, still cannot enhance the speed of case running on ios9.x ?..

Yep. You need to use Apple’s UI Test features to go fast again.

can you provide exactly what you did?

mine steps for speedup where:

sudo sh ./bin/ /Applications/ /Users/PATH_WHERE_YOU_DOWNLOADED_IWD/iwd/appium-instruments
  • reboot mac for sure

I download the appium-instruments, and executive the following line:

After that , reboot the system as you did…
And when start to run the case, I grep the appium.log, found out , it seemed not work…

mine xCode is 7.3 maybe this is case… not sure

let see mine logs:

[Instruments] Launching instruments
[debug] [Instruments] Attempting to run app on iPhone 6s (9.3) [
[Instruments] On xcode 7.0+, instruments-without-delay does not work, skipping instruments-without-delay
[debug] [Instruments] Found Insruments-Without-Delay: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-ios-driver/node_modules/appium-instruments/thirdparty/iwd7
[debug] [Instruments] Spawning instruments with command: '/Applications/ -t /Applications/ -D /var/folders/6p/w8cl9q5x1gz9rc4vd2b4tksm0000gp/T/appium-instruments/instrumentscli0.trace -w "iPhone 6s (9.3) [" /Users/Aleksei/Downloads/test_clients/ -e UIASCRIPT "/Users/Aleksei/Library/Application Support/appium/bootstrap/bootstrap-c90ad1fa6f1adda0.js" -e UIARESULTSPATH /var/folders/6p/w8cl9q5x1gz9rc4vd2b4tksm0000gp/T/appium-instruments'
[debug] [Instruments] And launch timeouts (in ms): {"global":90000}
[debug] [Instruments] [INST] Waiting for device to boot...
[UIAuto] Instruments is ready to receive commands

Thanks a lot, Aleksei

according to your log, seemed the script of mine is not working … I will try Xcode 7.3 later…

Hi ,
Did you have any luck with Xcode 7.3 ?

Once I’ve upgraded my xcode ver , the iwd doesn’t work for me any more…

Although the configuration seems like succeeded, but the execution still slow !

Any ideas ?

I tried, but still very slow…so right now I just give up xcode 7x…and back to 6.3…

I’ve tried once again, everything from scratch.
Now it has worked !


Would you please send me the scratch page?.. or steps…?.. i want to try again to see if i miss something…

sure ,
uninstall appium / Xcode

install Xcode
install appium
sh ./bin/ /Applications/ /Users/PATH_WHERE_YOU_DOWNLOADED_IWD/iwd/appium-instruments

igal. Can you please provide the version of xcode, Appium, device OS Version