Applause Automation Engineer

Hi Appium Community,

Applause (formerly uTest) is looking for [Automation Engineers][1] to support our Automation Solution built on open-source tools with an emphasis on mobile automation with Appium. This is a great way to stay on top of the latest automation technologies as well as to supplement your income from a part-time/full-time job. These are the automation team roles we need to fulfill:

Automation Development Engineers (ADE):
These engineers write the abstraction layer and test automation scripts. They review the provided test cases and ensure they can be automated. ADEs correct script errors, maintain scripts as necessary and script new scenarios.

Automation Team Lead (ATL):
Primary POC for a client with responsibility for actively managing all technical aspects of the project. ATLs ensure environments are set up correctly, scripts areaccurate, and the project runs smoothly.

If you are or know someone with these skills, please use the link above to apply directly for the role. Otherwise, feel free to contact me directly per [email protected].

Sylvio Tagalog