Apple tvOS Support


Are there any plans for tvOS support?


very curious on this as well, any plan to support tvOS?

XCUITest Driver for iOS supports TVOS :slight_smile:

Hi @jonahss: As I understand, appium-xcuitest-driver should support tvOS.
I tried getting the latest code (from master), and I don’t think there is platformName tvOS (desired capabilities).

Based on the available sim in xcode 7.3.1, I tried with
“deviceName”: “Apple TV 1080p”,
“platformVersion”: “9.2”,
“platformName”: “iOS”

And it throws an error " Original error: Sdk ‘9.2’ was not in list of simctl sdks". Any ideas - does the desired caps look ok? Note: same setup launches (say) iPhone 9.3 sim fine.


Can I use the appium-xcuitest-driver code for TV OS app automation . Any information on this is greatly appreciated

@jlipps : Any update about tvos support? Thanks.