Approach to extends appium functionalities

hi guys

I have a lil c# based suite to run tests on appium.
I’m thinking now, for instance, use adb commands which are not yet covered in appium so i’m thinking in add them.
My first thought about how to do it was clone the repository and start to add methods and dependencies to get a customized appium version.
i have my doubts due, for instance, maintainability issues of a customized version. Maybe there is a better and cleaner approach.

Have you ever tried something like that?

Do you have any suggestion?




We had to create our own local adb driver for out testing as there was far too many commands we needed that aren’t (yet) supported by Appium. In order to prepare for a future where some/all of these commands are support by Appium, we created an wrapper for each of these adb calls which could later be replaced by appium commands that accomplish the same. We avoided cloning and extending the repo for the reasons you listed above.

thanks, i had to use same approach. i’ve created a wrapper for appium and added there these functionalities.