Arc crashes: iOS simulator when heavy data on the page

Hey there:

I can follow up with a proper github issue with my gist .
Briefly, here is my problem. Curious if anyone else has seen this.

  1. I start up arc for the iOS simulator with my app under test.
  2. If I type “page” through each window I navigate to, all is well.
  3. If I click through several windows and then navigate to a screen with text heavy information…
  4. And then I type “page”, Instruments will crash.

I can take some more steps to do some isolation. I wanted to see if this was already a known issue.
Quick searches through the appium github issue list and this message board didn’t seem to yield a match.

I’m on appium version 1.3.5.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, I’ve seen this issue before. Instruments does not deal well with lots of data. I recommend opening an issue on GitHub.

Thanks bootstrap.