AUTO_ACCEPT_ALERTS_OPTION in iOS driver keeps clicking precise location

Hi I am new to appium, I am facing issue AUTO_ACCEPT_ALERTS_OPTION capability with Location permission where it keeps tapping on “Precise Location” and resulting in disabling of the option when actual accept happens, can any one help me with this issue.

1 disable AUTO_ACCEPT_ALERTS_OPTION and accept/deny permissions in code e.g.
2 tune acceptAlertButtonSelector in settings

disable AUTO_ACCEPT_ALERTS_OPTION will disable auto alert acceptance which will create an overhead for us to monitor all alerts by ourself, is there a way I can disable alert acceptances for certain alert type, or I can change the capability in between test execution?

1 dont be afraid to monitor alerts. it is only on few screens on your app
2 lets see -> -> only acceptAlertButtonSelector or dismissAlertButtonSelector
3 you can change capability before test e.g. with testNG and Java I use

    @BeforeClass(alwaysRun = true)
    private void setPermissions(@Optional("") String device) {

while start driver in beforeMethod I already can read needed value and tune driver start accordingly.