autoAcceptAlerts not working on ios9

I am using ios9, Java and Appium 1.4.11. autoAcceptAlerts not working.

I have tried all the following comments, still not working.

waitForAppScript = $.delay(3000); $.acceptAlert(); 



any other option to get this issue fixed?

I’m having the same issue, except that it works on my 95% of the time on my iPhone 5 and fails 95% of the time on my iPhone 6S. Both are running iOS 9.0.2. The waitForAppScript is never called for me. According to the device logs, it fails before that point, complaining the target app isn’t in the foreground.

Hi, I’m having same issue with iOS 9.2.1, Appium 1.4.16, iPhone6 Plus, xCode 7.2