Automate Streaming

Hi Guys,

Im working on a trading application where the prices keep streaming. When the value goes down, the button color changes to Red and when it goes up it turns to green. For now , I fetch the initial value and loop it with 5 iterations to check if there is any change from the stored value. If there is a change, then I consider streaming is happening.

Im wondering if there is any other approach that can be applied to check streaming

i think it’ll be easier to do this at API level instead of UI ( which adds more complexity )

you may build some mock / simulator which substitute your backend services , and by that control the expected data your streaming to the client.
Then build some UI view Model , and each time the price change in UI update your view model , with custom comparator you can compare your view models (page classes) …

I’m running a mobile automation team @Citi bank , we are doing many cool stuff in fintec area for both , Android / iOS platforms , myself or any other team member will be happy to help if needed :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback. When I test this at the API levels would it fulfill the scope of testing from the UI front. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Also would appreciate if a code snippet on the same is shared.

In our app we test the streaming on UI level in order to validate the server’s response parsing and data processing on the client side plus the load and UI behaviour once we stream…

very depend what you are trying to achieve.

Regarding the code_snippet , there is no much to share , lot of methods which are handle the logic