Automate the activation of app


I am exploring appium on the below test cases.

Ordered test UT01 - UT04
UT01 - Check some wording
UT02 - Validate invalid activation code
UT03 - Validate used activation code
UT04 - Validate valid activation code

Ordered test UT 05
UT05 - Validate button on main screen.

How do i ensure or automate the app activation when i run UT06 independently as appium will always reinstall the app and this will breaks my automation test script.

Many Thanks

If you don’t want Appium to reinstall your app, you can run it with full-reset false and no-reset true. You can also keep your current process with dont-stop-app-on-reset true (Android). Of course you have to pass package and activity (Android) / bundleID (iOS) as capabilities instead of apk / app.