Automate Xamarin based applications


Hello Team,

We have been using Appium for our native app automation testing. Now we have to work on Xamarin based applications (I learnt that the applications designed in xamarin are based out of C#). I have tried autoamting iOS application designed based on Xamarin.and its working good as of now.

Now I want to know that

  1. Can we assume the same element structure that is available in IOS and android are same??
    Because, if the element structure is same then we can possibly reduce the effort spent on the devices would drastically changes.
  2. Is appium supports for parallel execution (i.e run the same tests on One android device and one iOS device parlallely) if the answer is “yes” then how do we achieve(Please provide at least the link where i have solution to read) If the answer is “no” then can we execute only Android parallel execution and iOS parallel execution(can’t implement in one machine, need to use Selenium grid using two different machines since mac does not support more than one instance of)one after the another.


Hi @Shiva_Dasoju,
I also want to automate xamarin based apps using Appium, Can you please suggest me whether it is good option or not. Did you face any problem to automate xamarin based apps with appium. Or you have any other best automation tool to automate xamarin based apps?


Hi @Shiva_Dasoju & @SharmaSumit,

I am facing the similar issue. What is your take? I am little concerned about CI pipeline as well.
Planning to use - Appium studio - Android & iOS + IntelliJ + Azzure with Cuccumber. Doing a POC right now though. Any thoughts?


@Vaishali_Desarda @SharmaSumit Using Xamarin UI Testing is handy for the the Xamarin App for both iOS and Android and can integreate with the App center (if the company affords it). It is easy to automate compared to Appium

Note:- Only you can perform the Application layer(with in the application)automation not the Android OS Level i.e like selecting the image from the gallery, actions on Calender etc…
I have worked on this for Android app

Thoughts on this!!