Automated testing of true mobility in app and bluetooth/wifi/motion activity?

Don’t know if this has been asked before already or not. I was wondering if anyone was looking into this type of scenario as well, and what might be possible today.

Mobile apps can be truly mobile, as in app is used while being “mobile” moving around. And this may involve bluetooth and wifi activity (send/receive data over those protocols via the app while being mobile) and transmitting info about motion/GPS/acceleration.

Most mobile app test automation is actually “stationary” whether via simulator or actual device.

Has anything been done to automate testing of an app that requires “mobility” (to actually be useful as an app)? Or how might we tackle this at the moment with what limited infrastructure support there is?

I recall Jason Huggins doing something with a robot for mobile app testing, but that was more about a robot tapping the screen of the device rather than having it move the device around to simulate “mobility”.

There are ways to send fake GPS data to devices. Right now I put the fake coordinates (a file) in the device in the @BeforeClass through commands.

Thanks, good to know. But there’s no way to fake Bluetooth, wifi data is there? like RSSI info, proximity to another bluetooth device, or wifi access point.

or faking things like accelerometer/gyrometer for acceleration,speed, and direction/angle the device is in?

Speed is part of the GPS data i send. I never did it, but I can put acceleration data in another file the same way. As for WiFi and Bluetooth, search the web and you will certainly find answers. Device angle is directly supported by Appium.

Thanks, maybe this is asking much, but do you have any sample code and/or web links to point to such data faking for GPS, acceleration data, wifi, bluetooth data? This isn’t my core expertise, so the way I search the web for this info might not return the right results.

For GPS, I fill a .csv file with the coordinates, direction and speed and a tool my company made (a web page accesible only from lan) turns it into a .bin file, which I put in the device’s memory. Then I reboot it and it starts reading the coordonates in a loop. Acceleration is made in a similar way. I’m sorry I can’t help you do it, but this is not something i made myself. However, before I had access to this tool, I used an app. Search “mock GPS” in play store, many applications allow you to do it (the one i used was named “mock locations”, free version). For wifi, you can use Xposed (quick web search).


Does anyone know automation approach or any third party simulator app which will simulate data for healthcare devices such has BPM, oximeter etc. need to implement test automation process where data would be emitted from this healthcare devices and same would be validated on other mobile app which uses bluetooth technology to receive data.

Probably won’t find many here with experience with such devices. Sometimes it’s best to ask developers to add a debug menu to the debug build only, that will let you fake such data.

However, if you think that someone might have experience with these devices, you might start a new topic and then add links to where someone can find out more information about such devices. Adding a comment to a 7 year old thread is a sure way to obscure your question from most casual readers of this board.