Automatic closing of the application!

I am using Android 13
My application is the Android file manager itself and this is my driver settings:

    desired_caps = {}
    desired_caps['platformName'] = 'Android'
    desired_caps['deviceName'] = 'Android'
    desired_caps['automationName'] = 'UiAutomator2'
    desired_caps['udid'] = Udid
    desired_caps['appPackage'] = ""
    desired_caps['appActivity'] = ''
    desired_caps['noReset'] = False

I didn’t enter the command to close the application anywhere, but after a few rounds of working, the application automatically closes, it’s very strange for me!

GitHub - appium/appium-uiautomator2-driver: Appium driver for Android UIAutomator2appium:shouldTerminateApp

If noReset is falsy, then the app under test is going to be terminated if appium:dontStopAppOnReset is also falsy (the default behavior). false by default

It didn’t matter, I changed my Android version from 13 to 8.1 and this problem was solved. I think Android 8.1 is more optimal for appium because this is my problem (Is there a way to GetElementContainingTextInName)- application/41854?u=amir_zarbakhsh) was also fixed with this.