autoWebviewTimeout not working for Appium 1.5.1

I have a setup which runs Protractor tests on an Android device. The app starts with a Native view and then switches to a webview. When running Appium 1.4.16 everything goes fine and Appium uses the autoWebviewTimeout to wait for the webview to become available and then continues executing.

When using Appium 1.5.1 (with & without install shrinkwrap) it doesn’t wait for the webview to become available and shuts down. It looks like it ignores the autoWebviewTimeout setting.

The specific part of the debug log where this is happening:

[AndroidDriver] Setting auto webview [debug] [AndroidDriver] Getting a list of available webviews [debug] [ADB] Getting connected devices... [debug] [ADB] 1 device(s) connected [debug] [ADB] Running /Users/denniswiemer/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb with args: ["-P",5037,"-s","02157df223553638","shell","cat","/proc/net/unix"] [debug] [AndroidDriver] Found webviews: [] [debug] [AndroidDriver] Available contexts: ["NATIVE_APP"] [debug] [AndroidDriver] Shutting down Android driver

Hopefully somebody can help! Thank you!

EVen i am facing same issue ,please let me know if any solution.