Avoid Login multiple times

Hi, i’m new to Appium, i have an iOS application, most of my test needs the user logged in, so i’m repeating the login with credentials test before all my tests, there’s a way to avoid this, run the login page test just once? there’s any advice or good practice for this king on scenario?
thanks in advance

If you’re using JUnit, you can achieve the goal by using @BeforeClass, @Before and static variable which is marked true after first time successful log-in, so that each time you don’t have to log-in

I’m calling terminateApp in with @After so that each of the test cases starts from base state

Also as a suggestion check out https://github.com/vikramvi/AppiumSerenityPOC which shows usage of Serenity BDD framework with Appium to invest time in automating new test case rather than maintaining framework.