Best way to get all elements of a lineview in android

Dear all,
what ist the best way to get all elements of a lineview (even those that are not visible) on android?

swiping and comparing elements found?
does anyone have a nice java codefragment?

i’m currently comparing strings, as the mobilelements are not equal after an update. However this would not catch duplicate entries:

LinkedHashSet menuItemsComplete= -> x.getText())
//on android only elements within the viewport are included in the elementTree
if (SetupHelper.isTargetAndroid()){
boolean searchElements=true;
menu.swipe(SwipeElementDirection.UP, 1, 1, GestureHelper.getScreenHeight()-1); //swipe one page
LinkedHashSet -> x.getText())
if (menuItemsComplete.containsAll(menuItemsTemp)){
else {



I think that is a quite common task… :slight_smile: