Both .getText() and .text() "are not functions"

I am waiting for an element to be displayed which is a textView in Android.

let textUnderName = await driver.$('android=new UiSelector().resourceId("")');
await textUnderName.waitForDisplayed(10000);

//until here everything is fine, it is waiting for it to be shown but here
let fetchTheText = textUnderName.text()  //here the error "text() is not a function" is thrown

I have also tried this after the element was shown:

let fetchTheText = await driver.$('android=new UiSelector().resourceId("")').text();

I am using:
[email protected]
[email protected]
with JavaScript

I can see from the logs that the element is being found properly, but I cannot read the text that is written on this textView (textField). I tried both text() and getText() methods, for both of them I get an erorr saying that they are not functions.

How can I fix this issue? How can I be able to get the text and store it the text in a variable because I want to do an assertion and decide if the test passes (fails) based on this text ?!