Bring up keyboard when Appium doesn't want to?

I have a test that opens a search bar, which is SUPPOSED to bring up the keyboard, works without issue when not being run in appium. But when run as a test a WebDriverException: “Keyboard not found” error commonly occurs.

Connect Hardware Keyboard is off on the simulator

I’ve the code into a try to capture the issue:

        search_bar.send_keys(search_term + "\n")
 except WebDriverException:
        import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

but don’t know what to put in the except :sweat_smile:, anyone know how to press CMD+K on the keyboard as that actually brings up the keyboard? Or use send_keys with the absence of a keyboard…

Appium version: v1.11.1 (broken on v1.10 too)
Device: iPhone XR Simulator
Language: Python3

Thanks for the assistance

In theory this could be done with, however I have doubts that Fb would ever merge this PR