[Browserstack]: Is anyone else running into performance issues on android after bumping the coil library version?

Hi all, this might be a bit of a niche question but has anyone else ran into issues recently on your android runs on physical devices where appium slows down to a halt, and it takes 15 seconds plus to send through any commands?

Our current setup is as follows:
Webdriver.io with Appium
Running tests on Browserstack app automate

I’ve spent today going through our changes and it seems we did a minor bump to a library we use on our android app was causing the issue: GitHub - coil-kt/coil: Image loading for Android and Compose Multiplatform.
After downgrading this back to the old version it fixed things.

The issue was only happening when we ran the tests against physical devices on browserstack. I’m trying to chase them up to get a stack trace or any info about whats going on on their end before reporting a potential issue to coil. While I’m waiting for this info I’m just curious if anyone else has ran into similar issues recently?

We’re also running our tests on Browserstack’s App Automate, and are seeing similar performance issues when the tests are trying to use compose views. We started seeing these performance issues after bumping compose-bom to from 2024.01.00 to 2024.02.00. Although I’ve not yet been able to pinpoint exactly which compose library is causing us problems.
@Chris_QA by any chance, did you get any response from Browerstack and/or coil about this this? Have you manage to resolve this or find a workaround?