Build .app file for iOS Simulator using Fastlane in CircleCI

Hi, I have the following lane that produces a QA build for Firebase distribution:

lane :build_development do
build_app(workspace: “projectname.xcworkspace”,
scheme: “projectname”,
configuration: “Debug”,
export_method: “development”)

How can I make a .app file so that I can use it in my smoke tests.

Probably not too many fastlane experts around here. I did a quick google search and found this:

Hope it helps.

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@wreed: Thanks for the solution. We are getting this error when we try to create a .app for the simulator-

error: unable to resolve product type ‘’ for platform ‘iphonesimulator’ (in target ‘UKWatch Extension’ from project ‘projectname’)

That’s a question for your developers. Unfortunately I don’t know much about these extensions. It may be that you just can’t use that with simulators :man_shrugging:

@wreed okay I will take this to the developers.