Button tab works on iOS / Safari but not on Android / Chrome

Button tap works on iOS / Safari but not on Android / Chrome.

We use node.js in our framework and java script to expand the framework for tests and test assets.

I am new to java script so please take that into account.

This is the function with some extra bits that hook into the logging, controls etc.

this.click = function() {
var controlName = this.name;
var currentControl = this;
var xpath = xpathString;
var fullXpathString = this.fullXpathString;

        currentControl.getDomElement().then(function(ele) { 
            common.logVerboseAsync(context.logger, "click " + controlName + " " + xpath);
        }).thenCatch(common.errorHandlerWithResult(context, "Error occured when click" + controlName  + " " + fullXpathString));


The difference is the browser driver as Safari works and Chrome does not. My question is what would be the best way to find out what Chrome has an issue with? I tried remote debugging but nothing comes up in the console.