Calabash didn't loss its power despite of Appium trending in the market

since many weeks I have been searching and asking in lots of forums how can we identify the details of a custom view in a native android app using appium…all made me so upset telling that appium uses uiautomator which would not be able to identify the details of a custom view. Discussing with the people having experience in Calabash they said that they are possible to get the details of custom view along with its classname and other details which appium can’t do…finding lots of features with appium I found I can make my testing unique by using appium alone but the disappointed responses made me forcibly to learn Calabash as it’s the only way for automating UI of custom views in a native android app and there is not even a single hope from anyone that there could be any future enhancement that makes appium too identify the custom views so that we are not required to rely on Calabash and use appium exclusively…but this seems to be impossible and no hopeful response from anyone…my bad luck…

Hi @surikiran,

Surely you can use any tool that you prefer or suits you more. Appium (like all the others) has several known limitations, some of witch derive from the appium philosophy like:

1. You shouldn't have to recompile your app or modify it in any way in order to automate it. 
3. A mobile automation framework shouldn't reinvent the wheel when it comes to automation APIs.

So, Appium relies on vendors APIs, such as Apple UIAutomation or Google UiAutomator, that means we depend on the functionalities they provide.

Hi…your point is very well agreed and as you said I can use any tool as per my choice but I have few doubts to be clarified as:-
Appium has been bought to overcame the limitations of Calabash and any other tool, to overcome the tedious work of using the apps directly for testing…if so why all the functionalities of such tools are not utilized…if done Appium could be at the top…but this makes user forcibly to learn one more instead of relying on appium hence unable to accept the phrase appium is the best. I thought appium could be the best solution for all problems but I am again at the scale of zero to identify another best tool that provides me a solution…