Can appium automate testing for iOS live app?

Hi, I plan to do automation testing for iOS live app, is it possible? I have the source code of the app.

Are you talking about apps that “stream” , like android live apps do? Whats your use case for testing the live “publishing” side of things?

Hi @Conrad_Braam, the live app I mentioned is the app already published (released app) to App Store, is it possible to automate testing on the released app in App Store? because in Android, I can automate testing the published app in Play Store.

Sorry, no idea, I am just the tester, one of the devs showed me the Android “live” feature, and my brain exploded with “we can never automate that!”. I still need to get my head around live apps.

My experience of the Android store and affordances they give testers has been quite positive, and I’m keen to know what you had to change tactically to test your live app on Android. I hope that you do find some pointers to help with your IOS problem as more people come to visit the forum here. Do you use Smartbear/Sauce or other cloud farm? They might have the answer you seek.