Can Appium Desktop handle the server-side aspect of a mobile framework?

I was trying to put together a proof-of-concept for work, creating a mobile automation test suite on my Macbook.

I noticed that Appium Desktop comes with an installation of Appium server 1.6.3-beta. Would that mean I don’t need to use npm to download appium?

-T.J. Maher

IMHO, the Appium Desktop is a fine proof of concept.

That said, I would move to the node or source code version once you get the go ahead for a real project. Desktop traditionally does not keep up with latest OS’s, bug fixes, etc.

Hrm. I was worried you would say that. If you look at the instructions for Native Android Automation, it is so complex!

I was planning on using Java. The instructions say I need to install ruby from, update all gems, then uninstall appium libraries, then install them again with different specs, oh, and then flaky gem, brew, nodejs, ant, maven, and then appium via git and npm. And then authorize-ios (of you are going to do IOS later).

After that? Then we can get busy installing all the Android requirements, the SDK manager, emulator @tutorial.

Oh, and then the read-eval-print tool with the Appium Ruby Console.

What I want to know: What do the professional developers of Appium use as a setup, say, those folks in Sauce Labs? I want to imitate that exactly.

My recommendation would be to do the Sauce Labs boot camp:

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Thank you so much, @wreed!

-T.J. Maher, @tjmaher1

The boot camp was very helpful! :slight_smile: