Can Appium test Electron desktop apps?

Seeing that Appium is built in Electron - does it support testing OSX desktop apps built in Electron?

Also the same question for Electron IOS and Android apps - anyone here have any experience with any of the above?


This community is thriving…

I have this very same question myself and it lead me here.

Does anyone have any input on this? I am trying to find a solution to automate native MacOS and Windows applications using a common platform.

I have used Appium in the past for mobile automation and was quite happy with it. Just struggling a bit to get this working with native desktop apps built in Electron.

any body have information about this?

any body have information about this?

I can’t give a definitely yes or no answer:

  • There are multiple tickets opened in the platform about Electron with no answers whatsoever.
  • There is not official documentation about how to use WebApps in desktop, like Electron

I would say there is not support for Electron out of the box, given this response: