Can GPay able to automate using Appium?


Can we able to automate GPay using Appium? If yes please anyone suggest me to work on the same.
I tried to inspect elements through Appium but the page elements are not identified instead displayed black screen on appium. Yes, I can understand GPay or other payment apps has this level of security. Do we have any alternate way to achieve automation for GPay using Appium.

Please help me for the same.




I have the same question aswell. When I am on the app and go to a different view and then press Refresh Source & Screenshot on Appium, it updates the view on my page.

However, If I go on a view where I have to buy something with GPay and click Refresh Source & Screenshot on Appium, it doesnt show that part of the application inside Appium on my PC

Please let me know if you have found a solution. I will keep you updated if I find a solution
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I want to see if you can do that now, I need this feature in my research.

Yes you can automate Gpay but your emulator / phone should be logged into a google account already so basically make sure you don’t wipe data before/after testing