Can I interact with elements that are not visible?

In the screenshot below you will notice that the visible attribute of the element I want to interact with is set to “false”. This is an iOS app running in a Simulator for iPhone 14 Pro Max - iOS16.4. The element is clearly visible in the app but appium won’t be able to find it on runtime. The developer is trying to work around it but no luck yet. Is there any feature or workaround I might be able to use for this case?

Appium version: 2.0.0
Programming language: Kotlin

Yes you can perform interaction with element even if its visible property has false value. you can click on it and also fetch text from it.
It will give you error only when you try to use ExpectedConditions.visibilityOf(webElement) or driver.findElement(by).isDisplayed()

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Well. Tap using element coordinates should work in any case. Just get center of element and tap using x,y.

Ps but tap on element should work in also. Maybe you tap wrong element? How you find element?