Can I run a script in the front end?

I use the front end a lot to ensure that my tests will be ale to find what I think they should. I explore the state of the widgets in the app with it.

Is there a way I can run a script in the front end to automate the tedious parts like logging in?

I’d use a task runner. You don’t say what language but I think you are using javascript so maybe a Grunt task? Make the last task the one that starts Appium.

Yes, sorry, JavaScript WD

Can Appium join a running process? That might solve my other problem that I have (Appium has stalled, another thread)

EDIT: Rereading what I wrote, I meant to ask: “Can I join a running process from Appium Desktop?”

No idea about this, sorry. My code is in Ruby, and we use Rake as the task manager, which is why I was thinking something like that would work. Go with what you know and all that.