Can I run the automated scripts on the binary which is obfuscated?


I have an installed application in my android phone which I want to automate. I asked my developer and he said the application is obfuscated, however he can provide me element locators from his side.

My question is can I automate the application which is obfuscated (Given that I have all the element locators available)?

Yes if UIAutomatorViewer displays those locator which were given by Locator other wise NOT.

@amitjaincoer191 - UIAutomator doesn’t display the locators (Even I’m not able to take screenshots) but I have the full hierarchy of the locators. Can I do anything?

It will not work because at run time also uiautomator will not be able to locate elements…

Okay… I asked my developer to remove that check and then it worked. :smile:

Thank you!