Can I UI automation test without Xcode?

In appium capability sets.

appium:automationName: XCUITEST
appium:usePrebuiltWDA: …

I have known that capabilities is related to xcode.
XCUITEST is a framework via xcode.
WDA is a server to control IOS UI through XCUITEST.

But I want to create a test system without xcode.
If there is a people who do not know about xcode or anything about computer knowledge. In this system, ‘without xcode’ is very important.
But I do not find about that information.

I don’t usually use English a lot, so you may have difficulty understanding the writing. I ask for your understand!

No, Apple doesn’t let you use XCUITest without Xcode.

아니요, Apple은 Xcode 없이 XCUITest를 사용하도록 허용하지 않습니다.

aniyo, Appleeun Xcode eobs-i XCUITestleul sayonghadolog heoyonghaji anhseubnida.

Okay… thank you for your answer!!

Now, I must use only xcuitest to do UI test?
If I set appium:automationName: appium, Is it not working?
I test setting appium:automationName :appium. But I do it in simulator, so I can not check it is possible.
(I think that I can not confirm this ui test success because simulator is in xcode)

Appium is just a proxy to send commands written on your favorite language to native phone test framework. For iPhone it is XCUItest which belongs to xCode.