Can someone help we are seeing slowness while accessing BrowserStack devices in Appium Desktop inspector

We are facing issues with slowness when we are trying to access browserstack devices in appium desktop inspector and it becomes very difficult to inspect elements due to this issues.Can someone help with some workaround

You should contact BrowserStack support:

Reached to them already but they are saying slowness is not from there side its slow because something related to appium desktop inspector ,so reached out to appium community.

This is a consistent message from BrowserStack unfortunately. The community really can’t really support their proprietary changes.

In other words, no one here can reproduce the error unless they pay for BrowserStack. No reproduction means no fix. I think you should push back on a service that you pay for. Just my $.02.

Make sure you are using the newest version. I saw slowness thinking I was on the newest version and found I was not. Upgraded and fixed the issue.