Can someone using appium(1.18) with Xcode 12 and iOS 14


I am trying to install webdriveragentrunner for Xcode 12 with appium 1.18?

observing error as build failed.

could someone help me out.

I’m facing the same issue.

Hi @mykola-mokhnach could you help.

I have the same issue with one of my laptops.

Reinstalling everything related to Appium, Carthage, Xcode didn’t help.

More interesting, that in that log file (mentioned in terminal) there are no errors, only “Compilation successful”.

DerivedData folder cleared?

I solved this issue by update WebDriverAgent from the latest release at

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This worked for me, thanks!

I solved this issue by update Appium version to 1.18.2

Is there any update on this issue? I am facing the same issue…tried with 12.2 beta as well still not able to launch webdriver agent on ios -14 - iPhone 6s.
Appium version : 1.18.2
Please refer attached log for more reference.

Please find the error below.

Testing started on ‘iPhone’
2020-10-13 16:14:53.971 xcodebuild[25581:172603] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: Writing diagnostic log for test session to:
2020-10-13 16:14:53.973 xcodebuild[25581:171672] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: (222F0B3B-3101-410C-9311-758E0D4696A9) Beginning test session WebDriverAgentRunner-222F0B3B-3101-410C-9311-758E0D4696A9 at 2020-10-13 16:14:53.972 with Xcode 11B500 on target :iphone:<DVTiOSDevice (0x7fb684ae07f0), iPhone, iPhone, 14.0.1 (18A393), a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87> {
deviceSerialNumber: FK1T7AE8HFLV
identifier: a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87
deviceClass: iPhone
deviceName: iPhone
deviceIdentifier: a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87
productVersion: 14.0.1
buildVersion: 18A393
deviceSoftwareVersion: 14.0.1 (18A393)
deviceArchitecture: arm64
deviceTotalCapacity: 25503211520
deviceAvailableCapacity: 18485395456
deviceIsTransient: NO
ignored: NO
deviceIsBusy: NO
deviceIsPaired: YES
deviceIsActivated: YES
deviceActivationState: Activated
isPasscodeLocked: NO
deviceType: <DVTDeviceType:0x7fb684b397a0 Xcode.DeviceType.iPhone>
supportedDeviceFamilies: (
applications: (null)
provisioningProfiles: (null)
hasInternalSupport: NO
hasWritableSystem: NO
isSupportedOS: YES
bootArgs: (null)
nextBootArgs: (null)
connected: YES
isWirelessEnabled: NO
connectionType: direct
hostname: (null)
bonjourServiceName: 5c:f7:e6:a6:67:0a@fe80::5ef7:e6ff:fea6:670a._apple-mobdev2._tcp.local.
activeProxiedDevice: (null)
} (14.0.1 (18A393))
2020-10-13 16:14:54.105 xcodebuild[25581:171672] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: (222F0B3B-3101-410C-9311-758E0D4696A9) Failed to make test runner session:
Error Code=9 “Unable to connect to test manager on a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to connect to test manager on a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87, NSUnderlyingError=0x7fb68497c5b0 {Error Domain=XCTMobileDeviceFramework Code=34 “The service is invalid.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=The service is invalid.}}}
2020-10-13 16:14:54.436 xcodebuild[25581:171672] [MT] DTDKRemoteDeviceConnection: Failed to start Instruments daemon on device “a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87”: Error Code=-402653150 “An error was encountered while attempting to communicate with this device. (The service is invalid.)” UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=Please try rebooting and reconnecting the device. (0xE8000022).,
0 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7c6e7 DTDKCreateNSError + 109
1 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7cde9 DTDK_AMDErrorToNSError + 792
2 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a8dd0c __63-[DTDKRemoteDeviceConnection startFirstServiceOf:unlockKeybag:]_block_invoke + 301
3 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a8d4db __48-[DTDKRemoteDeviceConnection futureWithSession:]_block_invoke_3 + 22
4 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7f15f __DTDKExecuteInSession_block_invoke_2 + 35
5 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7e593 __DTDKExecuteWithConnection_block_invoke_2 + 473
6 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7e391 __DTDKExecuteWithConnection_block_invoke + 106
7 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f850658 _dispatch_client_callout + 8
8 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f85ca38 _dispatch_sync_invoke_and_complete_recurse + 65
9 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f85c5ab _dispatch_sync_f_slow + 195
10 DVTFoundation 0x0000000106617650 DVTDispatchBarrierSync + 208
11 DVTFoundation 0x00000001065eea78 -[DVTDispatchLock performLockedBlock:] + 64
12 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7e292 DTDKExecuteWithConnection + 226
13 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a7efc9 DTDKExecuteInSession + 376
14 DTDeviceKitBase 0x0000000115a8d410 __48-[DTDKRemoteDeviceConnection futureWithSession:]_block_invoke_2 + 112
15 DVTFoundation 0x00000001066153ba DVT_CALLING_CLIENT_BLOCK + 7
16 DVTFoundation 0x0000000106616a92 __DVTDispatchAsync_block_invoke + 809
17 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f84f6c4 _dispatch_call_block_and_release + 12
18 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f850658 _dispatch_client_callout + 8
19 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f855c44 _dispatch_lane_serial_drain + 597
20 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f8565d6 _dispatch_lane_invoke + 363
21 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff6f85fc09 _dispatch_workloop_worker_thread + 596
22 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff6faaea3d _pthread_wqthread + 290
23 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff6faadb77 start_wqthread + 15
), DVTRadarComponentKey=487927, NSLocalizedDescription=An error was encountered while attempting to communicate with this device. (The service is invalid.)}

*** If you believe this error represents a bug, please attach the result bundle at /Users/rheemprojecttestlab/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/WebDriverAgent-ciegwgvxzxdrqthilmrmczmqvrgu/Logs/Test/Test-WebDriverAgentRunner-2020.10.13_16-14-06-+0530.xcresult

2020-10-13 16:14:54.442 xcodebuild[25581:171672] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: 0.481 elapsed – Testing started completed.
2020-10-13 16:14:54.442 xcodebuild[25581:171672] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: 0.000 sec, +0.000 sec – start
2020-10-13 16:14:54.442 xcodebuild[25581:171672] [MT] IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: 0.481 sec, +0.481 sec – end

Test session results, code coverage, and logs:

Testing failed:
The test runner encountered an error (Failed to establish communication with the test runner. (Underlying error: Unable to connect to test manager on a2e7b37a3ec4a4e0edda107246b413da2d047d87. (Underlying error: The service is invalid.)))

** TEST FAILED **log.txt (16.9 KB)

I had issue with this too. It was caused by Carthage. Simple fix is installing the latest Appium Beta, and rebuild your WDA file.

npm install -g appium@beta

1.19.0-beta.0 at the time of writing.


hello! Did you solve this issue?

Yes , It’s working with the same versions now

I must make some modification

*I used the “idevicescreenshot” for taking the screenshot, there is a error

Could not connect to screenshotr!
Need to get the latest source code from GitHub - libimobiledevice/libimobiledevice: A cross-platform protocol library to communicate with iOS devices and recompile

  • The hidden keyboard board in keyboard of ipad is changed

iOS 14: キーボードを非表示
iOS 13/iOS19: キーボードを隠す

  • Before sending the value into textfield, I must to add

  • on iOS14, I cant use the “value” attribute to get the value of element, It must be changed to “name” or “label”

Hello All,
I am very much excited with lots of techies with good information sharing for iOS automation . Thanks .
I have xcode 11.5 , iOS 13.4(iPhone11) and one more device with iOS 14 ( iphone7) , so which appium version will work for automation ? If at all any changes required , what are those changes I have to do? Can you please guide me. I am new to this. Thanks a ton in advance. Please help me.

confused, can someone explain what the screenshotr! service is, where it executes and what is the steps to find and mount a developer image as described in some documentation. what is a developer image (or is that a .dmg?)
appium @1.22.3 on both of my machines one works. one does not.
ios-deploy @1.11.4

They are on different OS (Monterey machine is non-working, BigSur machine is working) and thus on different Xcode versions

worked for me when I found that:
if idevicescreenshot errors with

“unable to connect to screenshotr!”

This might have led me to the problem being in libimobiledevice, but I went down a rabbit hole around the imagemount command and disk image mount failure that was not relevant to me.

I found this was a bit harder to troubleshoot and some errors in some peoples steps

brew uninstall --force ideviceinstaller
brew uninstall --force libimobiledevice
brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice -g
brew install ideviceinstaller -g

this fails, due to a new module called libimobiledevice-glue which is omitted from the brew recipe, I eventually found these steps solved it Homebrew installation of libimobiledevice from HEAD fails with missing package libimobiledevice-glue-1.0 · Issue #1217 · libimobiledevice/libimobiledevice · GitHub

brew create “GitHub - libimobiledevice/libimobiledevice-glue: A library with common code used by libraries and tools around the libimobiledevice project

in vim tap GV to select all text, hit del

paste the following text

class LibimobiledeviceGlue < Formula
desc “”
homepage “”
license “”
head “GitHub - libimobiledevice/libimobiledevice-glue: A library with common code used by libraries and tools around the libimobiledevice project

depends_on “autoconf” => :build
depends_on “automake” => :build
depends_on “libtool” => :build
depends_on “pkg-config” => :build
depends_on “libplist”

def install
system “./”, “–prefix=#{prefix}”
system “make”, “install”


(my indentation here might be a bit off) if you get that bit wrong just go

brew edit libimobiledevice-glue

next go

brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice-glue

brew edit libimobiledevice

add this line

depends_on "libimobiledevice-glue"

and then run

brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice