Can we automate hybrid iOS app build in Ionic using only Appium(i.e. without protractor)

We are building an hybrid app in Ionic2/Angular2 and typescript and we are trying to write functional test automation of the same using Appium + Specflow(as test language) in C#.

Is it possible to automate Ionic app using Appium(without protractor) only??

I am planning to keep functional test project independent of development environment. Hence not planning to use Protractor + Appium

I was trying to automate ionic hybrid app using Appium only but facing issues(issue1 and issue2).

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello Suraj,

Have you automated ios app build in ionic using appium/ appium with protractor.

If yes , could you please provide the approach and the following details.

  1. IDE
  2. Scripting language
  3. Real / Simulator

Thanks in advance


I have not fully automated the app using appium with protractor but I do have some knowledge regarding same. Created a small POC while presenting different options to the client.

Note: I have worked on ionic2 (not ionic)

To answer your questions:

  1. I was using Visual Studio Code
  2. Protractor with Jasmine as the framework(You can go with mocha as well). If you choose protractor, then there is no option left other than javascript. I too used javascript.
  3. Real device.

Hello Suraj,

Thanks for replay and providing the info.


Hello Suraj,

Is it possible to give your POC Protractor.conf.js,

Because am facing so many issues with that,

Thanks in Advance

Hello Praveen,
If it would have been, I would have shared with you. But it’s property of my company’s client. I hope you understand. Legally bound to not share client data.
You can start a topic here and tag me. I’ll try my best to provide solution. Thanks.