Can we automate the enterprise build (ios)

I was doing automation on dev build, but now need to do automation on enterprise build.
is it possible to do automation on enterprise build?

I do not think anyone is understanding your question. You are thus unlikely to get any answers unless you give us more clues,
exactly what are you wanting to build and on what platform?

there are multiple branches from developer. Development branch, Enterprise branch and so on.
So currently i am doing automation on Development build. and i want to do automation on enterprise build ( which we submit to apple store).

You need to try yourselve. Only you know limitations of your production builds.
For example: secure apps may totally block screen from debug and you will see no elements.

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Basically it’s a risk based approach. I’m surprised more of the millions of tutorials for appium don’t explain this basic problem up-front. You need to build with debugging flags enabled to allow appium and the driver to work. It’s the classic “automation workaround problem”, most platforms automate poorly if all of the security options for example that a user would have are still enabled. So we compromise, and because the risk is small and a simple manual smoke test of the final binary is going to behave almost identically in business-logic, we have confidence. That’s the compromise we make, and means we have to regularly go back and check assumptions.

Alternately you could build for “debug”, test it, and “then” strip the package and distribute the stripped package, but that’s far more work and more fragile.

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