Can we execute same C# script on Android and IOS both real devices?

Recently I started working on Appium. I am able to do Android automation but in ios I am facing some issues. Like, Can we execute the same script in IOS And android both using Appium? Currently I am using C# Language. Also till now i do not have valid provisioning profile for IOS automation on real device so i am doing automation on IOS Simulator but in ios simulator my same script is not working in both IOS and android device. Because i am using different properties for ios as i am using Webview app in ios simulator so it is not finding id of any control. My application is mobile web.

Can you please tell me how I can use same script on both android and ios simulator? Or even if I use IOS real device, will Appium script be able to run on both?

Also to find control properties in ios simulator, I am using Appium inspector but it never displays id of control. It displays the limited set of properties which is not unique. I am confused how Appium inspector is not providing id of any control though my application element contain id of every control.
I also tried to find control using Locator in Appium inspector but it do not able to locate.
Please help.