Can we inspect an iOS app without IPA file?

As a QA Engineer, I maintain tests for our Android App and currently, I have a plan to add automation for our iOS version as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have a setup to generate the IPA file for our app. However, I can run the application using Xcode to access it inside the simulators. Is there a way to inspect the app using Appium to fetch the DOM elements that’s already installed in the simulator?

I have heard something called bundle ID can help. But, I’m completely unaware of it. Is there a way that I can get that bundle ID during the app the live or should the developers be able to provide it for me?

you can get it from Apple store also → Ivanti Community

Hey, I tried that earlier. But, no luck.
This is the error I got:
“”“Failed to create session. An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: App with bundle identifier ‘com.aoms-tech.LumiCon’ unknown”“”

Also, I don’t need to access the app in the App Store.
I can run the application and make it live in my XCODE. The App(debug) will be found in the Simulator as well. I want to access it.