Can we use data driven framework in appium?

If we need to pass the data can we pass the data from excel sheet and record the result back in excel sheet.

you can use external data source in order to keep your test data, or you can wrap your test with some testing framework (jbehave for exmpl) which allows you to store test data within the scenario files

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Yes, we can use data driven framework in appium. As well we can read from and write data into the excel sheet.

If you are facing any challenges in reading and writing excel sheet, I can help you.

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Yes, we can use the data driven framework in appium and record the result back in excel…

Data Driven framework is a part of Binding language and not tool dependent… so it can be used with appium in same way we do for selenium.

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Exactly Amit Jain! You are right, it is totally depend on client or project or on automation developer that which language you are going to create framework. As well same applies for mobile automation framework also.

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can u suggest me a site to go through data driven framework

Sure Sachit I will help you to create data driven framework. Provide me your email id so that we can discuss on the email.

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please also provide me the knowledge of data driven framework…

Sure Amit T. I would definitely like to share my knowledge with you. I will discuss with you. Please share your email id. :slight_smile:

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I’m willing to learn about it. Can you share it with me also?

Hi Kuldip, I am also interested in learning data driven frame work for appium. can you please help me? my id is [email protected]

Hi Kuldipc, can you please share your knowledge with me as well? [email protected]