Can we use XCODE as an IDE for appium test script development?

I am currently using Eclipse for writing test scripts using appium framework. Can we use XCode as a choice of IDE? Any pointers or tutorials are highly appreciated.

Yes - any text editor would work. It’s likely best to utilize an IDE w/ support for the language you’re using. If you’re using Objective C bindings, Xcode would be a good choice.

Thanks for your reply. I would be using Java as the choice of programming language. Are there any tutorials or blogs which I can follow?

Hi @arao,
yup, you can use xcode as ide, even though its not one of best interface, but yea xcode is already there in mac, So you don’t require to install any other IDE.
Xcode works best for almost all programming languages.
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Thanks for your reply, I subscribed to channel. I am rookie XCode user. Can you point specific tutorial for setting up appium on Xcode?

@arao There’s no setting up for appium on xcode, but If you want to configure latest appium on macOS, then you can follow this video:
Using above link you can setup Appium for iOS devices on mac using free apple developer account.