Can WebdriverAgent project be built using Free Apple developer id?

Since long time, I have been trying to build webdriver agent project using free developer id but nothing is working. I am getting following error:
No signing certificate “iOS Development” found: No “iOS Development” signing certificate matching team ID “*******” with a private key was found.

I haven’t purchased individual/company developer account. I am able to successfully deploy apps in real device using this free apple id (which we can create at

I have followed official link ( which gives 3 approaches. I have tried all of them. Nothing is working
I have following confusions.

  1. Can I build this project using free apple id or do I need to purchase developer account?
  2. Is above error related with creating keychain ?

Can someone please throw a light on this and mention what steps need to be followed clearly ?

Thanks in advance
Omkar K.

I’m not an expert here but yesterday I was able to build Webdriver Agent.
I have my free apple id. I created it also like developer id but without any costs…I’m able to login into but that’s probably all from my developer ambitions :D.
Anyway I went thru this videos:
it is Session 1-4
And based on this I set the XCODE to sign and build the WebdriverAgent. The WebdriverAgent was transferred to iPhone and then I had to enable to run app signed by my “developer” apple id…it is somewhere in iPhone settings.

Check the videos there is few build properties which needs to be changed based on your team id and then hopefully it will work.


OK Thanks for the update Cepin.

I know about the build settings and have actually tried them several times with my Personal Team but I was getting following error:
"Failed to create provisioning profile. the app id cannot be registered to your development team"

I also followed the solution on for error explained in following link:

But nothing worked. Hence I wanted to check if anyone else has ever been able to build it using free/personal team id.