Can you run appium tests on device which is not physically connected to machine

I see there is option to run tests on device which is connected to other machine with remote server. But is there way to run tests on without actually connecting device to machine via usb? Is there any way to do it with tcp-ip? I am trying to do for both android and iOS. any pointers are highly appreciated?

@sandesh Yeah! that is possible. Run below commands
1)adb devices -> make sure device is detected
2)adb tcpip 5555 -> Now adb server started in tcp ip
3) adb connect 192.168.xx.xx -> Now remove your usb
4) adb devices -> This will show you that device is connected over wifi

You might also look into remote test kit ( which allows you to host devices at another site and virtually attach them to your computer. We’ve tested this with Appium and it works, although you should expect greater lag times the farther your packets have to travel.

Thanks! Is it possible to something like above for iOS devices?

For IOS, its No… Thanks to Apple :slight_smile: