Cannot access to the Elements of iOS on Appium


We try to update the react-navigation/native library from v4.4.2 to v6.0.13 for our application.
Then, we found that most of the elements for iOS are missing on the Appium Inspector.
We suspect too many nested view causes the unaccessible state.
As a result, we cannot detect the testId for these elements and our automation test does not work.
This issue is reproduced on both simulator and real device
It looks like the elements under “ScrollView”, “Flatlist” and “Sectionlist” are missing.

Our organization has worked closely with Jonathan Lipps in the past when we started to use Appium. He came to our organization for providing Appium Training in San Francisco Location.
May we request to get in touch with him to help us debug our issue.

Test Environment:

  • Appium Version: 1.22.3 and latest (1.22.3-4)
  • Platform: Only on iOS Sauce Labs Simulator / local simulator / real devices

Suspected major changes in react native scrollview import:

const { ScrollView } = require(‘react-navigation’); // were using earlier and working fine

const { ScrollView } = require(‘react-native’); // Currently using and testID missing issue are facing

Solutions tried, but doesn’t solve the issue:

  1. Changing the wrapper function accessible={false}
  2. return <ComponentToWrap {…props} ref={mergedRef} accessible={false} />
  3. wrapping ScrollView into View component
  4. Increased “snapshotMaxDepth” value upto 80, 500, 800
  5. setting presentation to modal

We found the similar issue report as below: