Cannot connect to Android emulator

Hi there,

I am trying to set up Appium with Android emulator on Windows.

When I start Appium GUI and my Java test script I receive the following error although the emulator is running:

> info: [debug] Emulator Nexus_5 not running
> info: [debug] Trying to find Nexus_5 emulator
> info: [debug] Getting connected emulators
> info: [debug] Getting connected devices...
> info: [debug] executing cmd: C:\Android\SDK\platform-tools\adb.exe devices
> info: [debug] 1 device(s) connected
> info: [debug] 1 emulator(s) connected
> info: [debug] Sending telnet command to device: avd name
> info: [debug] Getting running emulator port
> info: [debug] Socket connection to device created
> info: [debug] Socket connection to device ready
> info: [debug] Telnet command got response: ae[Ke[Dave[Ke[De[Davde[Ke[De[De[Davd e[Ke[De[De[De[Davd ne[Ke[De[De[De[De[Davd nae[Ke[De[De[De[De[De[Davd name[Ke[De[De[De[De[De[De[Davd namee[K
> Nexus_5

Can anyone help me out with this?

Are you using Android Studio 2.0 and the new Android emulator? If so, you probably need to update appium-adb. Refer to:

Update appium-adb via the command:
npm install -g appium --no-shrinkwrap