Cannot get past XCUITest error

I keep getting the error ‘Appium’s IosDriver does not support xcode version 8.2.1. Apple has deprecated UIAutomation. Use the “XCUITest” automationName capability instead.’ when attempting to run my IOS tests. I definitely have automationName set in my desired capabilities

export const iosDefaultCapabilities: DesiredCapabilities = {
browserName: ‘’,
platformName: ‘iOS’,
platformVersion: ‘10.2’,
deviceName: ‘iPhone 6s’,
automationName: ‘XCUITest’,
app: undefined, // will be set later

driver = new IosDriver(this.config.appiumConfig, this.config.capabilities);

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? How do I instantiate the driver so that I can run an iOS test on the simulator?

Was able to get past this error by using the correct constructor, XCUITestDriver. Whoops. On to the the next problem…

If you are using Xcode 8, you need to upgrade appium to the newest version.

nom uninstall -g appium
npm install -g appium --no-shrinkwrap