Cannot request the screen point at NSPoint

On running the appium scripts, the following error is displayed multiple times

Any help will be appreciated.
e[35m[Xcode]e[39m 2019-11-12 17:55:42.680881+0530 WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner[462:110688] Cannot request the screen poi

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nt at NSPoint: {153.60000000000002, 153.60000000000002}: Error Domain=XCTDaemonErrorDomain Code=11 “No AXElement found at {154 154}: kAXErrorInvalidUIElement” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=No AXElement found at {154 154}: kAXErrorInvalidUIElement}

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I am seeing the same. I think it starts throwing this error with the Xcode 11 update. And also found if there are 100s or 1000s of elements present on the screen, it will take a lot of time to load in to the source, and in the waiting process it is throwing that error. (Happening especially in Webviews)