Cannot see enable UI automation on iPhone


I don’t have the option “Enable UI automation” under Settings — Developer on iPhone

Any idea what occurs?


  1. Open xcode>devices
  2. Tap on the device you have connect from the list.
  3. Navigate in the settings on the Phone.

Thanks for your reply.
I still cannot see this option.

Which iOS version you have on your phone, if it’s <8 then you don’t need to enable it.

The version is 7.0.2 but when I start the testing, I get an error message of “Instruments crashed on startup”
From a search I saw that I need to enable UI automation

Not for iOS 7 there isn’t any option to enable UIAutomation.
I’m not sure why the instruments is getting crashed, If you have source code of application you are testing try building it on the machine you have appium server.


Appium support IOS version above 7.1 only

This is strange because I was able to automate my device without any issue until today…

Could you provide appium log