Cannot select button for Microsoft login page

When I use Appium Inspector I cannot select the ‘Continue’ button. The selector does not highlight the button if I attempt to mouse over it. Instead, the entire page gets highlighted.

I need to get the element reference of the button so that I can automate the click action whenever the user encounters this page.

This is on an Android 11 emulator device with Android Studio on Windows 10 I am using Appium 2.0.

It’s going to be much farther down the source tree than that. Source you are showing is all the top of the page. Dig down a little deeper.

Well, that’s exactly my problem. I cannot select anything except the entire page.
I cannot mouse over the Continue button and select it as the selection area doe not change.

If the page itself is not made accessible then there is no way its controls would be visible by UIA2 driver. You could try switching to a web context as a possible workaround. Another possible workaround would be to detect target button coordinates using image recognition.

I don’t think you are understanding me. If you can’t click on the element in the left side representation, take a look for it in the middle screen. Scroll down and find it in app source. Most of the time you can use the left screen but sometimes can’t depending on the app. In that case use App Source to locate the element.

Hi all,

Found out the that Microsoft login screen was a part of the WEBVIEW context.
So I used ((IContextAware)driver).Context.
I also had to install the chrome driver using:

driverOption.AddAdditionalCapability(“appium:chromedriverExecutable”, chromePath);

I was then able to inspect it using the Chrome inspector tool.

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Thanks for posting the solution. Hopefully it will help someone else.