Cannot use velocity in iOS-Specific Gestures

iOS: 14.7.1
Appium: 1.21.0
XCUITestDriver (v3.43.0)

According to:
mobile: swipe

JavascriptExecutor js = mobileDriver();
Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();
params.put("direction", "left");
params.put("velocity", 250);
js.executeScript("mobile: swipe", params);

Although, velocity was set, but it was useless. It does not affect to speed of scrolling.
Any one faced this problem?

Use better Actions. It has swipe time.

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Thank for your information @Aleksei .
Could you explain me: Actions is better than TouchAction?

p/s: as I know, iOS Gestures is supporting better than TouchAction on IOS, so I am considering to use it :slight_smile:

TouchAction does not control how fast swipe happens. Try Actions. I guarantee you will be impressed.

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Fixed in Appium 1.22